About Jerry w. Howe


President, Gobi International Investigations Inc.

Smokejumper - US Forest Service

First Lieutenant - United States Army Security Agency

Special Agent - Federal Bureau of Investigation

NBA Security Representative - Seattle WA

Founder and President of Gobi International Investigations, Inc. - Scottsdale AZ

Senior Professor - Henley-Putnam University - San Jose CA

Law Enforcement Professional Embedded with 1st Cavalry Division Operation Iraqi Freedom

Areas of Expertise:

  1. Special Weapons & Tactics
  2. Foreign Drug Cartels
  3. Counter-Terrorism
  4. Asian Organized Crime
  5. Intellectual Property Rights
  6. Surveillance & Emergency Vehicle Operations
  7. Foreign Counter Intelligence
  8. Counter Improvised Explosive Organization Investigations
  9. Fugitive Apprehension

Positions Held:

  • Chairman, Legislative Committee, Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators
  • Legislative Committee, Washington Association of Legal Investigators
  • Chairman, Anti-Counterfeiting Committee, Washington Economic Crimes Taskforce
  • NBA Security Rep., Seattle WA
  • Founder GOBI International Investigations, Scottsdale AZ
  • Member: International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition
  • Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI
  • Member of Blue Knights International Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

Mr. Howe has many years of experience establishing Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Taskforce operations directed against International Drug Cartels.

During his twenty-six year career with the FBI, Mr. Howe received twenty five commendations including 3 Quality Service Increases and was and Assistant Legal Attaché in Bangkok, Thailand.

While serving in the Houston Division of the FBI Mr. Howe held the record for the largest Cocaine seizure in Harris County Texas. The seizure was the result of Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Taskforce formed by Howe. He has participated in numerous bomb investigations and arrested Ziad Abu Eian, a PLO Terrorist Bomber, while assigned to the Chicago Division of the FBI.

Mr. Howe holds a Bachelor's Degree in Criminology from University of Iowa and a Master's Degree in Asian Studies from the California Institute of Asian Studies. Mr. Howe is also a Graduate of the Defense Language Institute in Chinese Cantonese. Mr. Howe successfully lobbied to make counterfeiting of trademarks a felony in the states of Washington and Iowa and has been employed by and trained by numerous trademark holders to conduct investigations and identify counterfeit merchandise to assist Federal and State law enforcement. Mr. Howe has formally trained US Customs Inspectors, Prosecutors and Police Officers to identify counterfeit merchandise and conduct successful investigations on behalf of numerous trademark holders. Mr. Howe has testified in Federal and State and Foreign Criminal Courts against trademark counterfeiters. He has also testified in Manila, The Philippines as an expert witness for Bausch and Lomb.

In 2006 Jerry Howe conducted a successful rescue mission of 15 Filipino youths from Chinese Human Traffickers in Penang, Malaysia and in 2007 provided video evidence that led to rescue of 10 others in Limbang, This story was featured on NBC Dateline. Howe testified in a California court regarding his infiltration of a drug manufacturing operation-involving members of an International Motorcycle Gang. Mr. Howe was also a Senior Professor at Henley Putnam University.

Hobbies: PADI Certified Advanced Scuba Diver with PADI Certifications in NITROX and Full Face Mask Sonar Diving Mountain Biking Golf

E-mail: jerry.howe@gobiii.com